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US: Real Time Oil Spill map: oceana.org 


¿Mas petróleo? “Cáncer e ingresos hospitalarios”. Ciudadanos amplía denuncia contra la Refinería y le atribuye el dióxido de azufre en Santa Cruz de Tenerife europapress

Offshore Drilling Issues – Water Pollution: Standard drilling techniques cause water pollution even when there are no accidents. Several hundred tons of drilling muds or fluids are used for each new well and smaller amounts are released during exploratory drilling. ehow

Water pollution: There are two main sources of water pollution from offshore drilling: drilling fluid and oil spills and leaks. Firstly, the drilling fluid is claimed to be toxic to marine life. This fluid, used to lubricate, cool and regulate pressure when drilling, contains petroleum products and heavy metals. The impacts of drilling fluid differ significantly, because it’s so often made up of different concentrations of the above elements and applied in different ways. Reported impacts include affecting the health and reproduction of marine life, reducing the populations of bottom-dwelling creatures and biomagnifying toxic substances in the food chain. hubpages

Offshore drilling operations create various forms of pollution that have considerable negative effects on marine and other wildlife. oceana

IFAW: Chronic OIL pollution in Europe pdf: Chronic oil pollution in EU

Oljeutslipp hver eneste dag. Norway: Everyday Oil Spill. “Only during the last year have been recorded over 40 such emissions” dagsavisen googletranlate

Repsol: Cronologiá de los vertidos repsol

Oil Spills Norway: Statfjord  FullCity  Ekofisk  NorthSea

Major Oil Spills since 1967:  info  geography  

Map: oilspillsolutions 

GoogleEarth – Worst Oil Spills (kmz plug-in): oilspill 

Oil Spills: Impact on the Ocean waterencyclopedia

Most commonly associated with ship pollution are Oil Spills wikipedia

21/05/15 Estado de emergencia en California por el vertido de 400.000 litros de petróleo ABC ElPais Oil Spill Has Deadly Effect on Wildlife ABC Oil Spill Is Even Worse Than We Thought Progress

02/03/15 Oil Spill = Gulf of Mexico Turns Deadly for Dolphins NyTimes

04/02/14 Scientists have found a 10 million gallon ‘bath mat’ of oil on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico insider

27/10/14 El vertido del Golfo de México contamina un área de fondo marino mayor que Luxemburgo elpais

06/08/14 Mumbai High leak: ONGC loses 1000 barrels oil output a day business

12/06/14 Mueren siete personas en un accidente en una plataforma petrolífera frente a México antena3

10/06/14 300 barriles de combustible se derraman en costa de Esmeraldas lahora

05/06/14 Revelan la causa del derrame de petróleo en el Golfo de México en 2010.
Un equipo defectuoso en la plataforma petrolera de BP causó el derrame de 172 millones de galones de crudo, dice un estudio oficial. lavoz.ar

13/05/14 America’s Oil And Gas Industry Averaged At Least 20 Spills Per Day In 2013. progress

08/04/14 Golf Oil Spill “NOT OVER”: Dolphins, Turtles dying in record numbers NatGeo

31/03/14 Four years later, BP oil spill rearing its Oily head in Florida oceana

26/03/14 Desastre ambiental en Houston tras un derrame de petróleo elpais noticias

25/03/14 Más de 600.000 litros de petróleo derramados en la costa de Houston Notimarica

Oil spill “cleanup” is a myth. Once oil has spilled, it is impossible to effectively contain it, recover it, and clean it up greenpeace

24/03/14 The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill: 25 years ago theatlantic  Exxon Valdez Oil Spill in pictures theguardian

Derrame de petróleo en Galveston podría afectar la vida marina y la economia de pescadores lavoztx

18/03/14 Derrames de petróleo causan daños ambientales y económicos. De 2000 a 2012, la Dirección de Emergencias Ambientales de la Procuraduría Federal de Protección al Ambiente registró 4 mil 457 derrames de petróleo en aguas y tierras mexicanas. revistafortuna

28/02/14 govt agreement with oil company to dump chemicals. There are at least 12 rigs off the coast of California that drill into undersea rock formations, injecting highly pressurized fluid and extracting oil. After that fluid is drilled into the ground, it then comes back out as chemical wastewater, which investigators say is being allowed to be dumped back into the ocean without the public’s knowledge. rt.com

27/01/14 After 8,400 Gallon Oil Spill, Safety Standards On Norwegian Offshore Rigs Questioned. thinkprogress

19/01/14 “Blow Up”: Consecuencias de un derrame de crudo catastrófico en aguas Canarias eldia

28/12/13  Filtración de crudo obliga a suspender producción en plataforma Mar del Norte noticias

North Sea platform evacuated after leak norwaynews

22/11/13 Oil spills and leaks. dianas

07/10/13 Niger delta oil spills: the real cost of crude – video theguardian

06/08/13 Koh Samet: True impact of oil spill may not be known for years nation

Spanish oil tanker: Senegal fears oil spill disaster from sinking tanker africareview

29/07/13 Oil slickwashes up on Samet island bbc  daily  thesun  bangkok  abc  richard asian 

24/07/13 Gulf of Mexico natural gas rig blew while completing ‘sidetrack well’ nola  bbc  nbc  cbc daily 

15/07/13 3 Years Of Gulf Oil Spill Photos Show Ongoing Impact huffingtonpost  cbsnews

16/07/13 Oil spill off the Karpas ‘a catastrophe’ cyprus-mail

10/07/13 new figures showing Britain’s offshore rigs and platforms have leaked oil or other chemicals into the North Sea 55 times over the past month ecowatch

Millions of barrels of oil spills give rise to concerns on benzene exposure. Oil companies report over 55 oil and chemical spills in one month in the UK – USA reports over a quarter of a million barrels of oil spills in 2013 – Russia: “disastrous oil spills are a daily routine” benzentesting

07/07/13 North Sea leaks ‘reality check’ for British oil industry, says Greenpeace. Environmentalists say industry’s arctic safety case undermined by figures showing 55 pollution incidents in last month Guardian 

17/06/13 “40 NORTH SEA OIL SPILLS IN A YEAR” aftenbladet

Oljeutslipp hver eneste dag. dagsavion Norway: Everyday Oil Spills. Only during the last year have been recorded over 40 such emissions” googletranslate 

Platforms release oil slicks at sea. Offshore oil installations on the Norwegian Continental Shelf have spilled oil more than 40 times so far this year, according to an overview from Kystverket (The Norwegian Coastal Administration). It’s in charge of oil spill preparedness and admits that oil installations send oil into the sea almost every day. news

Daglige oljeutslipp rundt norske oljerigger natur Daily oil spills around the Norwegian oil rigs googletranslate

31/05/13 Third incident in less than a year aftenblaget  Western Norway platform evacuated  foreigner  adress.no  dagbladet.no  wsj  marketwatch  newsinenglish

30/05/13 VIDEO Nigerian way of life under threat from OIL pollution BBC

01/05/13 BP’s Norway Oil Platform Risks Explosion Due to Serious Breaches offshoreinjury  Norway: Leak at BP’s Ula platform could have caused ‘major accident’ energy-pedia  reuters  Near “disaster” aboard Norwagian oil rig bellona

31/01/13 Shell continues spilling oil in North Sea despite efforts to improve. “Anglo-Dutch group has been responsible for over 20 pollution accidents in British waters over a six month period” guardian 

25/10/12 Oil companies going unpunished for thousands of North Sea spills guardian

27/03/12 Two more rigs evacuated after North Sea gas leak theguardian

16/02/12 Derrames constantes en plataformas petrolíferas de Brasil landia

16/08/11 North Sea oil spill off Scotland threatens wildlife mirror

15/08/11 Shell North Sea oil spill ‘more than 200 tonnes’ bbc

05/07/11 Oil and gas spills in North Sea every week, papers reveal guardian

06/06/10 La lista más negra: Más de 130 desastres por vertidos de petróleo desde 1960 20minutos

30/05/10 Oil spill shapes California’s drilling debate ibabuzz

and much more…..


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